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Nanjing Grand Hotelis a 5-star luxurious hotel for international business and leisure customers. It is strategically located in the city's busy downtown area, right next to the Provincial Sports Center and adjacent to two renowned universities and the biggest hospital of the Jiangsu Province of which Nanjing is the capital. The hotel enjoys convenient transport and offers tranquility among the hustle and bustle of the fast developing metropolis...More>>

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    Breakfast is really good! location in the city centre. urban hotel.
  • tinipipi
    That's good.
  • e00245293
    Hotel is very good, very comfortable, especially Cheng Yan and Cafe service, enthusiasm, good praise.
  • e02135675
    Hotel staff very good
  • fufentao
    Good, feel good
  • carsam
    Very good,.
  • e000009
    Live hotel
  • mrytt
    Established five-star hotels, rooms at the superior room is a bit old, air conditioning a little bit hot, bed small; but the hotel still maintains, the overall facility is well maintained, clean very clean, service is in place, and the location is near the provincial people's Hospital, the traffic is very convenient, next to Nanjing will choose the Grand.
  • dacanfun
    Conveniently, the environment or
  • CimenonAscent
    Good stay, sanitary facilities are on the tall, quiet rooms, nice
  • e00020610
    Hotel is very good, service is great, free upgrade room types, next to Nanjing and choose your
  • biggerme
    Slippers is bamboo of anti-sliding style is human has pure water can for boil water has massage spent sprinkled although somewhat old but is novelty I live of that between Wei wash Li estimated has fault directly to mother room with has waiter attitude are is enthusiasm whole hotel of waiter most are is small meat and are is has courtesy very rare first days night to front desk increased Zhang Fangka see a staying of guest because need provides staying people of all ID directly on language stormForce small girl attitude also is is mild estimated daily will has such of people day night we taxi back driver open wrong road we open navigation walk has half hours arrived Hotel backdoor met a children just work I asked he how to main entrance he courtesy of pointing has we fear we go wrong bike chase Shang we again pointing we at is is moved I mother said now children are good has courtesy really rare hotel also has waiter autograph wrote of toRemarks and Goodnight blessing card also has fruit and small snack children is like parking spaces somewhat tension is said to have made parking of approval down has next year on will ease room not is big hardware not is new but people and service are is heart parking of Uncle will and you said recommends taxi travel night will didn't spaces outside parking also not convenient hotel of people are good rustic new hotel live more has sometimes think old hotel also good does not necessarily to more new of equipment hasHeart can not come to sleep as long as comfortable young people Nanjing landscape character are not required
  • leveng
    Okay okay okay Okay okay
  • fantasypost
    Hotel is very good, facilities and services are very good, recommended
  • anglebenben
    Hotel is old, but the service is good. brand is good
  • downman
    Satisfied, the room is spacious, vision, and strategic location, convenient parking.
  • ambest
    Very good hotel, very good service, Customer Service Manager Manager passion, I'm not booking online, high-managers taught me, sending me into the room. thanks. rooms are beautiful and fashion. such a high total score is not virtual.
  • bbddll
    Service was really good to your friends.
  • fiier
    Nothing good going out around the hotel a bit far from the tube, seeing other good
  • csources
    Good like he next time you go to Nanjing to live
  • carol-f
    Is, after all, the old five-star hotel facilities what certainly can't be compared with some international chain. Although services can, when we went to the room hasn't been cleaned up, also sent two Cafe coupon. later did not go, so do not know what flavor. room is not very big but clean ... as the price is concerned, there is still value.
  • candystore
    Very good location, opposite the pioneer Bookstore, continued to send children's toothbrush and toothpaste, next time you will choose
  • m00951418
    Good words without more ADO! in short stay ~ ~ ~
  • jjyyii
    Overall are good pioneer Bookstore next to the South Gate is the traffic is easy to clean and tidy novel is bathroom small
  • miroli
    Well, everything in health
  • E03952691
    Overtime and failed to book nearby. book will select a Grand reward yourself later of overtime. hahaha.
  • anitafu
    Good service, good health facilities, and convenient transportation.
  • a-guang
    Just to on encountered Hotel high Manager reception, service is enthusiasm, and to children prepared a copies gift, free do has about room upgrade, hotel is carefully, pillow are can has variety select, bathroom is clean, out vehicles is good playing, next is bus station, breakfast 68 Yuan 1 copies, around some restaurant, around environment is quiet of, shiyilai of five-star more than 500 more is cheap has, once good of accommodation experience.
  • jitery
    Yu Qin beauty upgrade initiative, great!
  • abian08
    Very good point resident
  • CD3636
    Japanese wind, small very delicate, like-
  • jenniferywn
    A five-star hotel services even Samsung is not
  • afour44
    Thanks account manager Gao Yun's warm reception, send the cake is delicious, makes us feel the warmth of family, ever in Nanjing Grand!
  • baoyegu
    Services were very good, free upgrade to a suite, is the room switching the blue night light is too bright at night, sleep
  • lili_viper
    Room not is big, front desk service personnel enthusiasm degree also is General. If to Nanjing tourism words, Grand are hotel is not good of select, because around that no decent of Mall, also no hot attractions. staying Hou only listening to Nanjing locals said ancient southern hotel is Japanese open of, more firm has for hotel of determination (to know is Japanese open of, I summary no staying may). Hou two late staying of Nanjing Center big hotel regardless of is room size also is lots are better of more, front deskStaff was very helpful, see us with a child, free upgrade to larger and more quiet non-smoking rooms.
  • missileyp
    National Day holiday travel hotel super hard, though not preferred, but surprisingly good, overall service was very good, facilities are good, is the atmospheric pattern no new hotel. opposite the pioneer Bookstore, Xin Jie kou town centre is also close to ... all in all very satisfied, will also take into account next time.
  • lorsing
    Nice service, Butler Zhou Yiqin special talk, will I not pack clothing to find the small rack to dry and leave a message to tell, thanks a lot! next time you have the chance to come.
  • doubleapple
    To see a concert, wutaishan stadium is at the door, convenience, good in every way, 68 of the breakfast good value for money, the only flaw is the Queen bed was two beds together, too soft, not sleep habits
  • e00176754
    Well well next time
  • yoyoellen
    This is an established five-star hotels, good location, convenient to the attractions, is a quiet hotel in the Mong Kok ... service was very good, rooms fully equipped, intimate, it is a great hotel.
  • bb817
    Good location, convenient transportation
  • seamoons
    Which is very nice
  • capitx
    Which is very nice
  • E01746177
    Nice, helped me upgrade the room is the room too small
  • danli
    Specially selected has this hotel staying, is fancy it of location, is located in compared quiet of lots, opposite is pioneer Bookstore. 11 period between staying, feel also not is crowded, hotel although years number compared long, but again decoration had yihou, facilities and design are is is good of. Butler type of rooms service, left notes greeting, and also gift has bookmarks, feel is intimate. for I arrangements of towards North of room, vision is open, can see Tower. General also is isSatisfactory.
  • sunny425
    Good choice, next to. hotel room did not take laundry hangers, the proposed increase in
  • cindy.bx
  • e03065745
    Good, clean
  • xiaocong0099
    Rooms are small, but very clean and warm, staff were very helpful and convenient.
    Multiple occupancy, hotel was good ... room was clean, the service was very helpful, especially reception, next time I will choose! overall very good great value. satisfaction, Oh!