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Nanjing Grand Hotelis a 5-star luxurious hotel for international business and leisure customers. It is strategically located in the city's busy downtown area, right next to the Provincial Sports Center and adjacent to two renowned universities and the biggest hospital of the Jiangsu Province of which Nanjing is the capital. The hotel enjoys convenient transport and offers tranquility among the hustle and bustle of the fast developing metropolis...More>>

住客评论 3134条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • claraliu
    Room a bit small
  • davidguo3296
    Service is poor, especially front desk service was poor
  • leungst238
    Good location, hotel authentic
  • e00136340
    Good health do hotel's buffet line. cross the road to eat around it. overall was good, comfortable five-star hotel. swimming pool is also quite good.
  • dttlgp123456789
    Service is very good, breakfast very good, around the stadium, and beer bars
  • inrisen
    Which is very nice
  • arron1088
    Have been very satisfied, very good response from customers.
  • e03243120
    All right
  • anglea
    All right
  • geminrgirl
    Details determine success or failure, it was very good!
  • alex197383
    In the city center, established five-star hotels in Mong Kok in a quiet place, convenient to the sights, is worthy of a five-star hotel, service very good, highly recommended!
  • bin5345
    Friendly, facilities, services, and overall feeling of satisfaction, is recommended.
  • gongjingmao
    A little bit far from Metro, not specifically enclosed shower space, good toilet seats
  • gusdng
    Have always liked Grand
  • btf_james
    All right.
  • bestyuan
    Location was good, travel more convenient.
  • lemon409
    A very good environment, surrounded by convenient, eat a lot, is close to the distance the xinjiekou
  • sunny0310
    Very satisfied with awesome! will select later-
  • clareric
    That's good
  • nicepeter
    Very good hotel, excellent location also many around the dining room are also good the bed was very comfortable, all in all a cost-effective hotel worthy of recommendation
  • feifeixisu
    AA Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
  • csl198995
    Very good environment in the lobby to the high-grade. location. go out to eat is very convenient
  • laoniudu
    Shi Shu
  • conpse
    Nice, very clean, great service, highly recommended
  • dapem
    Good Oh! friends happy, travel is convenient.
  • Ni2Xuan
    Since University graduated, away from Nanjing more than 10 years, with parents and son heavy return hometown, select has Nanjing prestigious of Grand are big hotel. a began some worried hotel is in Nanjing is has fame, but will because era and old does? staying Hou found, these concerns is extra of, hotel old and not old, rooms are has again decoration had, facilities also is advanced, staying experience is good, especially I parents on staying conditions and around environment special satisfaction, give is high evaluation. especiallyTo proposed points, hotel for children provides children pillow, wash supplies and slippers, even toothpaste are is children dedicated of! comes as Dragon Boat Festival, hotel waiter in late bed service Shi sent Shang sweet of salty, is detailed warm heart; not in hotel with breakfast words, near has many is good of breakfast select; most important of is hotel service was home away from home, carefully thoughtful! we check out Shi asked waiter where has sold no sugar food of, because we to to visit with diabetes of AlexAlex. waiter also not too clear, on to I pointed out that has recently of supermarket. we left Hou soon, hotel of one Shi Manager on playing to phone, said help I Internet are to has a home no sugar food stores, told I location, modified how go. was is too! too! thoughtful thoughtful has! addition hotel also has provides reading of books, has a this is Nebula master of 'dedicated to travel who 365 day' very Rod! outside seems buy not to, anyway I is in Dang Dang, Taobao are didn't found to. isReplying to only the privilege of staying at Grand. operational requirements, the South and North, I lived a lot of hotels at home and abroad. this really is the only one I think so hard to evaluate, and left Miss hotels. back to Nanjing after this grand.
  • Selin
    Concerts, on the opposite side, very convenient, good
  • alina28
    Also, look and feel clean, and it's relatively warm feeling.
  • lisatvb
    Services, environment, facilities are good in every respect.
  • mustup
    Room comfortable, good!
  • e00032219
    Every time customers to recommend grand and experience was very good, location. the high level of service. room was small, but fully equipped, the next time you will come to live here.
  • jinyaowei
    Nanjing friends recommended us to live, is said to be the home of the old hotel. arriving this afternoon and drove the air conditioning in the room to rest, hot up. inform without air conditioning because air conditioning in outdoor temperatures did not reach a launch condition. around 6 o'clock in the afternoon the room faces North, 28, the South-facing rooms, Nanjing people and sure enough heat ... When you check out, politely ask at the front desk and stay dissatisfied wife; ' Room's health is not good, bed sheet is dirty. ' Front desk; ' Oh '. Oh what does it mean ...
  • jeremy_li
  • artemisflamenco
    Stayed many times, bad will not live.
  • Toddler
    High cost, is far from subway, overall very happy with five stars for the first time, after all, HA!
  • mandy9889
    Is a veteran of hotel, appearance not how, is is old of like, but said service does also is five-star hotel of standard, service personnel are is intimate, carefully, if next to Nanjing also will live here, main is at Hotel of service, weekend dinner of place very less, but next of RD has several home beer restaurant, and day type cuisine shop, are also is good of.
  • e00142487
    Although not luxurious but fine decoration, service attentive, high cost performance
  • Frola
    Service has been good. opposite of pioneer bookstore and out right hand 100 meters at of banquet met free restaurant (Chinese teahouse) compared interesting. a floor cafe of self is good. Liu Dan Manager is enthusiasm, service thoughtful. Service Center of service has been is good. sent meal waiter Shun is has courtesy, service specification. actually on this room type not is satisfaction. but on service also is is satisfaction of.
  • e00135987
  • lunatong
    Hotel is very good, very helpful, facilities are good, the overall feeling good!
  • david197671
    Location in the city center, and convenient transportation. restaurant service very good, counter the Bellman and waiter were very polite. rooms are very clean, wide vision. the door opposite the pioneer Bookstore, free time is worth browsing.
  • xuguoyao
    Overall good service, the OASIS restaurant on the first floor of the Hall breakfast was ordinary, but the Manager on duty was warm, see also specifically show us some snacks on the road can be for children. 2 men before leaving the door staff were willing to help, ask whether to call a car, makes you feel at home. to Nanjing after my friends recommend staying.
  • e00560799
    Service good room facilities are very complete and very clean and the decoration is very good bar staff Chen yan passion
  • fulei168
    Hotel facilities complete, room decoration feast for the, into room front a bright. price quite high. we like travel and we live had of many foreign five-star hotel compared does not less. night in Chinese Office order, Nanjing name specialty brine duck, is too salt. has contrary to today advocates low salt diet. baked fish head is good. but also is Nanjing name snacks of fried dumplings, should is outside crisp in soft but, it of quality sorry it of price. fish noodle soup of soup absolute authentic, but toAnd fried dumplings together, first good surface 'Pappy', very bad eating. dining area both in terms of price quality needs to be improved. restaurant customers a few hundred is a card.
  • robust312
    Good Oh!
  • rubyli214
    Highhighhighhigh HA HA HA high
  • e02405106
    Hotel free upgrade with a view room, my husband and son love
  • lemonsweet0112
    The room is very clean and comfortable, good service, and will come again.
  • DriftDreamer
    Hotel location is very good, very intimate in the lobby, next to Nanjing will continue to live here.
  • ln821211
    Good location hotel room was good