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Nanjing Suburban Railway Leading into Hexian In 3 years

Date: 2012-09-13

"Ninghe intercity rail transportation phase 1 engineering quality testing project tender notice" was released by Nanjing Construction Engineering Information Network on September 10, which marks its construction will start shortly.

Ninghe intercity, called "Nanjing Metro Line No.12 " previously, is a planning intercity railway connecting Nanjing and Hexian of our province. It is a river -crossing line with a total length of 37.76 km and 18 stations, the terminal of which is located at Huangli, Pukou District of Nanjing close to Hexian of Ma'anshan, according to the information released by Nanjing.

It was learned that this project planned to start at the end of 2011 originally would start during this year and put into operation at the end of 2015, Nanjing authorities said publicly on May of this year.

"False start", "fast running" will be necessary "technical means" for Hefei promoting its development process, Lv Yingbin, Professor of Economics, Anhui University thinks.

"Anhui and Jiangsu, Hefei and Nanjing, have never been so close in the history, this is an inevitable trend of the Yangtze River Delta integration", Lu Yulong, director of the Research Office of Nanjing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, said. He thinks Nanjing expansion dues to some pressure from the rapid development of Hefei and as an opportunity for both sides it also can stimulate endogenous power in Hefei.